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Top 10 Hottest Swiss Startups - 2021

It is often a debate of where Switzerland ranks in the European startup scene. While it is a quiet and shy ecosystem, it is highly innovative and active. As a result, young entrepreneurs are looking to tap Switzerland’s startup ecosystem to set up their new enterprises there. The Alpine nation plans to bolster its appeal as a preferred location for startups through several globally competitive measures. According to a statement from the Swiss government, the European nation’s top-decision making body, the Federal Council, had asked the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) to examine Switzerland’s startup ecosystem, following which it has found that while this ecosystem is generally in good shape, there is room for improvement in many areas, namely technology transfer, internationalisation, access to skilled labour and financing.

Consequently, the Swiss government is generously helping to make the startup process more streamlined and reduce bureaucracy that continuously blocks so many startups in Europe. This edition of StartupCity magazine brings you the “Top 10 Hottest Swiss Startups in 2021.” In this extensive list, we’ve picked 10 of what we believe are the hottest startups. On top of that, the list gives you some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that have excelled with their services and solutions portfolio. Also, through the listed companies, we aim to bridge the gap between businesses, consultancies and service providers, transforming business processes through their insights and technological prowess.

We present you StartupCity’s “Top 10 Hottest Swiss Startups - 2021.”

Top 10 Hottest Swiss Startups - 2021

    Top Hottest Swiss Startups

  • Archlet combines data science and machine learning with deep hands-on procurement expertise to rethink strategic sourcing and empower buyers. The company moves a business’s strategic sourcing activities from Email and Excel to one central platform with its guided approach to sourcing optimisation, AI-based algorithms and an intuitive user interface to make complexity in sourcing manageable and results more impactful

  • Cognitechs is singularly focused on offering a new way of doing risk management, which is more aligned with the business

  • The whole idea is for D¥NS to be limited, therefore there are 21 million units of tokens that will be distributed in four tranches, one each year, starting in 2021. To maintain the scarcity of D¥NS, Dynasty Global leans on a procedure called buy-back and burn. To perform this procedure, the company receives a monthly income by the tenants of its real estate assets and, after paying operating expenses, uses the profit to repurchase the D¥NS in the market and burn them. This is done to reduce the total supply of D¥NS and establish a trend of appreciation for the token holders that held the D¥NS in their power

  • Ponera combines cost efficiency, environmental sustainability, and digital transformation of freight logistics through smart industrial packaging

  • Daedalean AI

    Daedalean AI

    Daedalean AI are building autonomous flight control software for civil aircraft of today and the advanced aerial mobility of tomorrow. The company brings to market the first-ever machine-learning-based avionics in an onboard visual awareness system demonstrating capabilities on a path to certification for airworthiness

  • Daphne Technology

    Daphne Technology

    Daphne Technology is a maritime technology organisation that develops innovative solutions to solve environmental challenges. Daphne aims to develop breakthrough solutions that contribute to reducing the detrimental impact on human health, the environment, and the global economy. Its technology platform enables the international fleet to become sustainable. DT offers an efficient process targeted at reducing emissions from all fuels, minimising both air- and sea pollution for the maritime industry. The company's green converter reduces emissions such as NOx, SOx, methane (CH4) and ammonia (N2O, NH3) slip. Daphne Technology’s universal green converter is easy, fast and inexpensive to install. It is temperature independent and scalable, proportioned to the size of the vessel’s engine

  • Decentriq


    Decentriq is an enterprise SaaS platform providing data clean rooms - allowing users to leverage data previously not possible. Easily and securely collaborate with stakeholders, internal or external, to derive new data value - all with guaranteed trust and privacy because of Decentriq's underlying encryption-in-use technology called confidential computing. Decentriq is also a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel and Ant Group

  • Lookthrough


    Lookthrough provides tools to streamline the collection and organization of bulk ESG data. Fueling reporting on non-public real estate for better and more socially responsible investing. From investment due diligence and reporting to task delegation and automation. With a full audit trail to assure individual and corporate responsibility with limited liability

  • MachiQ Software

    MachiQ Software

    MachiQ Software is a comprehensive platform for Industrial Maintenance and After-Sales Services. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) enables machine builders to enhance their customer experience in after sales services - covering activities like spare parts sales, technical support, field-services as well as IoT-driven Industry 4.0 services. On the other side of this platform are their manufacturing customers who benefit from better industrial asset performance at lower costs; improving their spare parts management, equipment maintenance activities and more

  • RetinAI


    RetinAI optimises and simplifies clinics, research and pharmaceutical workflows to improve healthcare. Retinai® develops products to make research and health institutions more efficient using latest technologies in machine learning, computer vision and signal processing. Additionally, the firm builds software tools to collect, organise and analyse health data from the eyes, empowering communities of healthcare professionals and patients with unique data analysis. They achieve this goal by building tools to collect, analyze and to organize health data, empowering healthcare professionals and patients